Hiring at Startups Is Not Impossible

Hiring is hard. Hiring at startups is harder. Hiring well is incredibly important for a startup. Early hires establish the culture, set the standards and lay the foundation for the company’s success. I want to dispel the myth that it is impossible to hire high quality people at startups. Established companies don’t always win.

Launch Phase at EF

This is part three of my experience going through Entrepreneur First. Conventional accelerators follow a process where they accept formed teams, spend 3 months preparing them for the Investor Day, following which the accelerator helps them with fund raising. EF don’t usually accept formed teams. Individuals join the program before they have an idea, form a team, validate an idea and get selected to join the second phase.

EFSG3, EF’s third batch in Singapore had over 100 joining the program. After the first phase, 23 teams comprising of 45 founders were selected to present on Investor Day. That’s a passing rate of less than 45%.

Thoughts on React With Redux

I have been writing React and Redux for the past months. React and Redux are not the first Javascript frameworks I’ve learnt; nor is it likely to be the last. We want something proven and something that has a thriving eco-system surrounding it. At this moment(2018), we see 2 options - React or Angular. We decided that React with the potential to support mobile apps would be the sensible decision. React coupled with Redux gives us the structure for a modern Javascript application. Well, nothing is perfect. Let’s visit some of those aspects where I felt it ticked and where it didn’t for React with Redux.

Team Formation at EF

This is part two of my experiences going through Entrepreneur First. This is also where EF is different from other accelerators - team forming. From my earlier post, EF divides the cohort into 3 groups. The technical edges, the product edges, the domain edges, and not gently, people from different edges are nudged to team up. Did that happen?

Joining EF in Their Third Batch

I’m now with an accelerator called Entrepreneur First, most call it EF for short. I was accepted in their third batch in Singapore. That was sometime this year January. I’ve wanted to start my own company, having worked at many startups for many years. When opportunity knocked, I took it.

Things I Would Do at a New Startup

With the benefit of spending years at the trenches, watching decisions and their eventual impact, subconsciously I’ve formed my opinion on what I would do if I were to start building a new product.

What Is the Probability of My Child Entering Nanyang Primary or Ai Tong

Like most parents in Singapore, we leave no chance to getting to the best schools for our children. My wife wants to move closer to Nanyang Primary to increase our chance of getting a place. I did not want to do that. Our chances are high enough that it doesn’t warrant such extremes. I realised I needed to prove my point.

Why Am I Doing a Math Degree

I am applying to do a Math degree in my mid-thirties, knowing how much work that is, mindful of my work and family commitments, and not forgetting the cost. I’ve got an Electrical Engineering degree. It’s common to do a graduate degree, though a more conventional route would be to do a MBA or a Masters in Computer Science/Data science. Yet I chosen a Bachelor’s in Math.

Using More Than a Hundred Stored Procedures in Production

At my present company Courex, we make heavy use of stored procedures, triggers and functions to run our production applications for over 2 years. At present, we have 258 stored procedures, 107 functions and triggers. Few companies use this many stored procedures. Would we recommend it? Yes.