How to Learn Enough Web Design to Not Look Scammy

I am a web developer by trade. I am not a designer. Like most backend engineers, I make things work. I don’t usually bother with making things pretty. Many people commented that I cannot design. I agree. I never had a penchant for design.

Customizing Your Emacs Eshell Prompt

If you use the shell in Emacs and you are not already using eshell, convert to eshell now! Eshell is the best terminal emulator available in Emacs. If you need convincing, please read this article from Mastering Emacs. Using grep in eshell is the killer feature for me. What the Master Emacs article didn’t elaborate is how to customize your eshell prompt. I’m going to share how to add colors and show the Git branch on your eshell prompt. This is how my prompt look like currently.

Post Mortem of Notifymode

In early 2012, I started Notifymode. Notifymode does application monitoring for Node.js apps. Notifymode could profile the functions and track CPU and memory usage. It provides a high level overview of how the Node.js app is doing. It was a bootstrapped project. I didn’t take any money. So why did I choose to build Notifymode?

My Standing Desk Experiment

I was intrigued about standing desks ever since I read about them. Will it make me more productive at work? Will it burn more calories(and help me lose weight)? One month ago, I decided to build myself a standing desk. Build is an overstatement. My total cost outlay is exactly zero.

Customizing the Mac to Behave Like Xmonad

About 3 weeks ago, my Thinkpad died. It died of a fan error. Luckily, it caught me on Sunday when I didn’t have to work. I had to get a working computer ready by the next day so that work does not get disrupted. Faced with less than a day of time, the logical choice is to get a new computer.

For computers, I only have eyes for Thinkpads and Macs. I wanted a Thinkpad. But the prices of Thinkpads in Singapore is ridiculously overpriced. It is about twice the price in the US. As much as I wanted a Thinkpad, I decided on a Mac.

No doubt the Mac desktop experience is good. But it can never compare to my Arch Linux setup where everything is customized to my liking. I spent much effort getting my Arch Linux to not only look good and to work effectively. Faced with the conclusion that the next few years of my computing life is going to be on a Mac, I decided to make life easier for myself.