How to Configure WebDAV Using Apache on Ubuntu

WebDAV is an extension of the HTTP protocol that allows users to manage files on servers. There are many ways to manage files on a remote server. WebDAV has several benefits over other solutions such as FTP or Samba). In this article, we will go through how to configure your Apache server on Ubuntu 14.04 to allow native WebDAV access from Windows, Mac and Linux with authentication.

Three Tips for Managing Complexity in Node.js Projects

After working on various Node.js projects, I want to share three simple tips which helps to reduce complexity. If you are building an Express or Restify project, ususally the framework does not tell you how to structure your application. You can put everything in one mega file, or you can(and should) extract different functionalities out.

A Quiet Desktop

Can you work in a noisy room? No. Noise distracts. When you are working, your are mentally juggling multiple objects all at once. Just one slight noise and everything drops. Luckily all the companies I worked at had quiet working places. Quiet working places are usually the norm. It is item number 8 in the famous Joel Test. External noise is easy to identify. We even have laws against noise pollution. Everyone agrees that it is harmful. What I find that we often allow noise to pollute our desktop without second thoughts. What do I mean by noise?

First Impressions of Leap Motion

For those who don’t know what Leap Motion is, take a look at this youtube video.

I got the Leap Motion hardware and SDK by participating in their developer program. I was the lucky few that was selected. They informed me through email. A few weeks later, the Leap motion device is mailed to me, free of charge. It came in a dull black cardbox box. Within the box lies the device, a cable, and a card bearing a message from the founders.

How to Learn Enough Web Design to Not Look Scammy

I am a web developer by trade. I am not a designer. Like most backend engineers, I make things work. I don’t usually bother with making things pretty. Many people commented that I cannot design. I agree. I never had a penchant for design.

Customizing Your Emacs Eshell Prompt

If you use the shell in Emacs and you are not already using eshell, convert to eshell now! Eshell is the best terminal emulator available in Emacs. If you need convincing, please read this article from Mastering Emacs. Using grep in eshell is the killer feature for me. What the Master Emacs article didn’t elaborate is how to customize your eshell prompt. I’m going to share how to add colors and show the Git branch on your eshell prompt. This is how my prompt look like currently.